Newsletter & Shares

Newsletter & Shares

Stainmore Railway Company is a not for profit limited company run by volunteers. Our income is derived from donations, retail sales, train operations and shareholders.

Our Newsletter is produced quarterly and the subscription is renewable annually in the December following the first year of subscription. The subscription price includes postage.

Individuals can volunteer without being a shareholder. To become a shareholder requires a minimum investment of £10 for which you receive a signed certificate. The shares do not generate any dividend but you have the benefit of knowing that your money is supporting the work of Stainmore Railway Company. 

Shareholders who sign up to a monthly direct debit to SRC of a minimum of £10 become 1370 Club members and get additional benefits. For further information contact the SRC secretary.

The monies paid can only be recouped by transfer of the holding to third party on approval of the SRC Board.


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Alan Gunston card set

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Eden Valley Railway _Western

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